The Right Take Debates Ukraine

The Right Take

Mar 8 2022 • 53 mins

As the world inches closer to World War III, Eric and Jacob break down the war in Ukraine and debate its causes and what The Right Take should be on it. But first, they discuss the recent lame American trucker convoy, Biden's horrible State of the Union address, the Texas primaries, and social Bolsheviks masquerading as conservatives and Christians.

00:00 Intro 04:28 Why the Convoluted Convoy was an epic fail 19:09 Biden's State of the Union Lowlights 30:48 The GOP establishment holds in Texas 45:49 Utah Republican Governor kisses the ring of the trans lobby 54:12 Main Topic: “Go Putin!” or “Respect All Borders!”

SHOWNOTES:  American trucker protests fizzle out: One trucker convoy was protesting not vaccine mandates, but…Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: Biden does not mention Build Back Better once in his SOTU: Biden also fails to mention January 6th just one year later: Republican congressman Van Taylor drops re-election bid after extramarital affair with “ISIS bride:” President Trump’s endorsement record in Texas this year is 33-0: Utah governor Spencer Cox vows to veto bill that would ban transgenders from competing in sports of the opposite gender: One professor at a Christian university fired for speaking out against diversity: Kamala Harris’s childish explanation of the Ukraine-Russia crisis: offers one explanation for how the crisis exploded, and how it could have been avoided: