CPAC Chairman Backs Transgenderism

The Right Take

Mar 15 2022 • 1 hr 5 mins

In this episode, we cover the reactionary election in South Korea, a NYT journalist's admission that his colleagues exaggerated the J6 riot, and further proof that progressives what you dead. For the main topic, we dive into the recent revelation that CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp has been receiving money from George Soros and has been repaying that money with creeping liberalism in his executive decisions and public statements.

00:00 Intro

03:54 Revenge of the South Korean Incels

10:39 NYT journalist admits the his paper exaggerated J6

17:53 All Charges Dropped against Antifa Murderer

35:12 Main Topic: CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp supports sexual deviancy


South Korea elects an anti-feminist candidate as president:

New York Times reporter admits that January 6th is overblown by the media:

Background of an Antifa murder committed in broad daylight in Denver in 2020:

Denver District Attorney drops charges against Antifa murderer Matthew Dolloff:

Media spin justifying the Antifa murder of innocent, unarmed Trump supporter Lee Keltner:

Dolloff was working as a bodyguard for a local news crew at the time he committed the murder:

CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp suddenly tweets support for transgenderism:

Jenna Ellis tears into Schlapp on Twitter:

Ellis talks further about the incident on her podcast:

Schlapp’s CPAC took a six-figure dark money donation from a Soros-affiliated group:

Schlapp actively tried to shut down any pro-life panels at CPAC:

The New York Times’ profile of Matt and Mercedes Schlapp:

Michelle Malkin’s book “Open Borders Inc:”