Woke Private Schools: Interview with Hayden Ludwig

The Right Take

Mar 28 2022 • 58 mins

In our first episode since traveling to join the California Republican Assembly, we discuss the recent Ohio senate debate circus and why Trump rescinded his Alabama senate endorsement. Plus, Subway is feeling the pain of basing its whole business model on cheap foreign labor thanks to Trump’s America First immigration policies. For our main topic, we interview Hayden Ludwig from Capital Research Center, who discusses his recent investigative series “Wokeism in Private Schools: Going Undercover.”

00:00 Intro and Recap of California Trip

03:14 Fight nearly breaks out on OH Senate Debate Floor

12:08 Trump rescinds AL Endorsement

17:40 Immigrant Labor Business Model driving Franchise out of Business

22:20 Main Topic: Interview with Hayden Ludwig, senior investigative researcher at Capital Research Center


Two GOP candidates for U.S. Senate in Ohio nearly get into fight at primary debate: https://twitter.com/HeartlandSignal/status/1504955509094371339

J.D. Vance wins straw poll following said debate: https://twitter.com/JDVance1/status/1505176946174484480

President Trump rescinds his endorsement for Rep. Mo Brooks in Alabama Senate race: https://www.politico.com/news/2022/03/23/trump-rescinds-mo-brooks-senate-endorsement-00019588

Multiple Subway restaurant locations close around Loudoun County due to pro-immigrant business model: https://www.theburn.com/2022/03/22/subway-has-closed-multiple-stores-around-loudoun/

Hayden’s six-part series on “woke” curriculum and policies at private schools: https://capitalresearch.org/article/wokeism-in-private-schools-part-1/

Home Depot staff flyer on white, class, and Christian privilege