Axios solves the Culture War!

The Right Take

May 16 2022 • 46 mins

In this solo episode, Eric briefly reacts to the mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, then recaps the results of the West Virginia and Nebraska primaries. For the main topic, he tears apart a laughable attempt by Axios to claim that the Left has finally found a "counter-punch" narrative against the Right's Culture War messaging.


00:00 Intro - Summarizing the mass shooting in Buffalo over the weekend

09:37 Recapping the results of the West Virginia and Nebraska primaries

16:12 Main Topic - Debunking a hilarious attempt by Axios to claim that Democrats have finally found a counter-narrative to the Culture War


Joe Lockhart blames Tucker Carlson and Fox News for Buffalo shooting, and Donald Trump Jr. responds:

Axios claims to have found the counter-punch narrative Democrats need to win the Culture War:

Biden’s “Teacher of the Year” event at the White House:

Biden tells teachers that students “are like your children” when in the classroom:

PolitiFact’s hilariously awful attempt at debunking Biden’s quote:

An article that actually includes excerpts of McMorrow’s speech: