Ep 79: Embracing the Imperfections of Motherhood - turning anxiety into awakening with Dr. Meghan Toups, LPC

Aligned Birth

Nov 30 2022 • 53 mins

Motherhood is a journey, not only of learning and discovering our new baby, but also learning and discovering what it means to be a mother.  And how society and culture views motherhood can impact how we experience it.  It’s easy to “should” on yourself as a new mom.  To feel anxious, guilty, pressured, and selfless.  So what can you do if you resonate with those feelings?  Holistic psychologist and licensed professional counselor, Dr. Meghan Toups joins us on the show today as we dive deep into motherhood.
We chat about:

What anxiety looks like in motherhood

How anxiety can change in motherhood as our children grow

How our society and culture shape our view of motherhood

Are symptoms messengers of the body inviting us to dig deeper

What tools she goes over with moms to help turn anxiety into an awakening

Dr. Meghan shares about her own motherhood and wellness journey, which led her to completing her PhD in Psychology and becoming a holistic health coach.  It’s insightful and inspiring to hear other healthcare professionals speak of their own journey and how they use their path to help others.  She also just recently hosted her first holistic wellness women’s retreat, and we chat a little about that too.

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