Internal Affairs

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It happened on a frigid winter night. First, a sudden moment of terror. Then, a frantic search to find a costumed killer. “Internal Affairs,” Dateline’s next original podcast series, takes us to northern Colorado, and into an obsessive and deadly romantic affair. Reported by Josh Mankiewicz, it’s a story about bad choices, a fatal attraction and men and women who proudly wore badges at work--while living lies at home. And when the day of reckoning came, the people with the badges had to investigate their own. read less

Our Editor's Take

Dateline features the nation's most intriguing, shocking, and bizarre crimes. And the Internal Affairs podcast is no exception. This true crime podcast miniseries is an NBC/Dateline production. It tells one story through several episodes. At the center of this story are a small-town Colorado police department and a costumed killer. Things seem bad enough when that killer is the grim reaper. But things get worse when the killer behind the grim reaper mask is a familiar face.

If the voice on the Internal Affairs podcast sounds familiar, that's because it is. For almost 30 years, Josh Mankiewicz has reported alongside Keith Morrison on the weekly NBC news show Dateline. His long-running career is well-earned. He excels at telling the chilling true crime stories that made this show famous. The Dateline NBC franchise applied its winning formula to the podcasting world. And then executives made a wide decision. They positioned Mankiewicz as the host. The podcast format lets Mankiewicz's unique and recognizable delivery shine. Gravel-voiced and sincere, with a bit of snark at times, his narrative style is captivating. Mankiewicz hosts two other #1 podcasts under the Dateline brand. Both Missing in America and Motive for Murder are podcast hits. With the success of all three, Mankiewicz solidified his status as one of the most beloved true crime reporters on the pop culture landscape.

With any content produced by Dateline, the expectation is high, as it should be. And the production value for this podcast meets that expectation at every point. The quality of the audio, sound effects, narration, and script elevate the story to its best. In the world of true crime, this means chilling, intriguing, and disturbing.

With episodes ranging from 17 to 30 minutes long, it's easy to commit to Internal Affairs until the end. And with Mankiewicz telling this tale of fatal attraction, it may be worth every minute.

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