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Jordan Spencer, Bret Perry, Nick Bice

Bar Karate is a weekly discussion of the world of sailing. Our team straddle the globe and bring all the news and inside gossip with a lot of fun thrown in. Bar Karate - you might not learn anything, but you will have fun doing it.

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Bar Karate - the Sailing Podcast Ep260 Ella Hibbert -
May 26 2024
Bar Karate - the Sailing Podcast Ep260 Ella Hibbert -
Published 26 May 2024We have an amazing chat to a women trying to do a world first. Ella Hibbert is embarking on a record-setting, never been done before, solo and non-stop Arctic Circumnavigation - a feat that has long been considered impossible. Ella's goal is to raise to raise awareness about the challenges the Arctic is facing due to the effects of global warming on the polar north. She is raising awareness and money for the charities Polar Bears International and Ocean Conservancy, to support them in their work to help protect the future of the Arctic. She is hoping to go in June and we a right there with her. We think you will be as well after this Ep. is a list of her sponsors, as well as info on two artists doing collaborations with the campaign. - Title Partner Mustang Survival - brand ambassador Boatfolk DSNM Jeckells the SailmakersMedical Support OffshoreYB TrackingSuffolk Marine SafetyDubarrySeaStart LtdArmare RopesVMG TechnologyOsmotech UKMaritime Skills AcademyPaintWorld LtdSeajet Yacht PaintDrift+NoiseWave InternationalSta-Lok TerminalsBlackbeard MarineArt and SeaKreuger Halyard Kim Styles Jewellery is making polar bear pendants in support of the expedition: Anthony Garratt is making gigantic floating paintings on swinging moorings of ice bergs, and will base some off of photos of the bergs Ella sees on her travels. #ellainthearctic #vaikobi #vaikobisail #radixnutrition #barkarate #sailingpodcast #barkarateconversations #worldsailingofficial #sailing #boat #ocean #sport #voile #sail #sea #offshore #sailors #sailingworld #extremesailing #foils #yacht #yachts #saillife #instayacht #sailingblog #instasail