Special Episode #21, Keith Castello on Managing Change and Transition

School Success Podcast

Dec 23 2022 • 38 mins

Hey School Success Makers!

Is your school in a situation that requires transitioning to a new head of school?

Tune in now as Mr. Keith Castello of Kyrie Christian Education Services talks about the roles and functions of an Interim Head of School and how it can help you transition, funding challenges and solutions, and so much more!



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Highlights of the Episode

  • [02:18] 20 years plus of head of school experience

  • [04:55] 3,500 years old because it begins in Sinai

  • [06:42] we married up the tradition of God's people

  • [08:23] the same school as head of school for 15 years

  • [10:46] I'm gonna address the elephant in the room

  • [12:05] It's just wonderful to meet God's people

  • [15:24] people's family circumstances can be very different

  • [18:46] strident stream of ideology that has to be fought against

  • [22:53] government funds should pay for that EDU

  • [25:47] I was interim head of school in Georgia

  • [28:01] Christendom wants to have an impact

  • [32:53] revitalization of that whole sort of culture

  • [35:03] be creative and think outside the box

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