#048, Thomas Argersinger on Why Standards Matter to Our Vision

School Success Podcast

Jan 2 2023 • 25 mins

In a world where it's harder than ever to build a culture—but maintaining it is even more difficult—what does it take to build a great culture that reflects God's calling?

In this episode, we're excited to talk with Thomas Argersinger, Head of School at Veritas Christian Academy. He'll be sharing his insights on why we should choose our standards carefully and how they can have a positive impact on our communities.

We'll also talk about how marketing and branding can be a challenge for schools like Veritas, and how they can demonstrate their distinctiveness.

Listen in and be inspired!



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Highlights of the Episode

  • [01:34] New Jersey or Sparta, New Jersey

  • [03:40] 30 plus almost 38 years

  • [07:02] Our own facility is really an issue for us

  • [08:10] so you have 50 something students

  • [09:21] I have talked about fundraising

  • [11:29] This UPS guy comes

  • [12:37] You need money to buy food and stuff

  • [14:48] it's normal life in the kingdom of God

  • [16:05] we're increasingly building partnerships

  • [17:36] you got say 50 easy math

  • [18:58] having high expectations of the young people

  • [20:59] I think you're 34, 35

  • [22:59] I personally feel businesses as well

  • [24:02] Christian school up there in New Jersey

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