Special Episode #17, Sheril Menefee on Intentionality: Creating a School of Character

School Success Podcast

Nov 11 2022 • 34 mins

Hey, School Success Makers!

Have you ever wondered how to integrate service learning and make rich learning opportunities in an academic setting?

Tune in now as Sheril Menefee of Muskogee High School talks about creating a culture of character and excellence and empowering students by going beyond crossing off things on your to-do list and impacting their lives and the community beyond the school day.



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Highlights of the Episode

  • [02:26] continue to grow in his faith and in his leadership

  • [03:37] I encourage other educators to keep in contact

  • [04:52] we would go to the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame

  • [06:31] uses a framework called the 11 Princip

  • [07:51] I on a whim applied and they hired me

  • [09:39] Last I checked was about $500

  • [12:12] Teachers are in high demand and in shortage

  • [14:42] Dipped down to not having very much participation

  • [15:52] We have about 1600 students ninth through 12th grade

  • [17:32] things like Chick-Fil-A Leader Lab

  • [19:33] EL mascot that is the Muskogee Referers

  • [22:57] competition with a local community in TWA

  • [24:40] $500 on this, uh, fundraiser

  • [28:17] I think you said, is it 1600 or 1400?

  • [30:01] Career college and Career Preparation Mandate

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