#040, Cameron Smith on Importance of Parent Communication and School Engagement

School Success Podcast

Nov 7 2022 • 35 mins

If you've ever had trouble getting your kids to do the work, you might have heard the phrase, "Kids will do what they're told."

We don't believe that.

In this episode of our podcast, we talk to Cameron Smith, co-founder, and CEO of Bennett Day School. He said that BDS has taken a project-based approach to education, which has proven effective for many kids. This is in contrast to the conventional way of thinking, which suppresses children's curiosity.

He believed that children have a purpose in life and are important community members. He stated that children must recognize the reasons behind their actions.



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Highlights of the Episode

  • [01:28] I'm the co-founder of Bennett Day School

  • [02:22] its great trail called the 6 0 6

  • [03:07] McDonald's worldwide headquarters.

  • [03:43] I do love Chicago sports as well

  • [07:05] teachers and students is you know what's most important.

  • [08:54] we have families that are sometimes very surprised

  • [10:32] you're able to grow to 600 before

  • [12:11] you see students and teachers collaborating

  • [14:12] S A T A C T and Outscoring National averages

  • [15:53] I discovered the Regio Amelia approach

  • [17:27] We provide a digital portfolio of our children's work

  • [19:50] underserved communities and students

  • [21:48] So they were laser cutting and 3D printing

  • [23:28] John Dewey credited with being the parent of progressive education

  • [25:58] like a three year old is squeezing an orange

  • [28:05] We had three FBI officers coming to school

  • [30:42] 40,000 applicants and 8,000

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