#045, Tim Wong on Creating a Healthy Culture Through Transparency in Leadership

School Success Podcast

Dec 12 2022 • 38 mins

What's up, School Success Makers?

As a school administrator, how can you influence culture and transparency to guarantee a productive and secure learning environment?

Listen here as Mr. Tim Wong of Los Gatos Christian School in California tells how he managed the school's development to adapt and thrive in a changing environment, focusing on culture and openness.



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Highlights of the Episode

  • [02:30] if you're in the hiking, biking

  • [04:58] California and served at Trinity Christian High School

  • [06:51] everything comes with its strengths and weaknesses

  • [08:57] transformed by the love and grace

  • [11:10] our need to increase our compensation package

  • [12:14] Private education overall has definitely seen an uptick a bit

  • [16:21] Building a very healthy culture

  • [18:57] I would shout out to Patrick Len

  • [22:41] we're doing life together with our students

  • [26:37] Change from being head of school

  • [29:05] Trust is such an important thing to have

  • [31:24] I look at the great leadership of Jesus

  • [34:09] we just have to be more real and transparent

  • [35:29] opportunity to share my heart with all the great educators

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