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The Brand Theory Podcast is hosted by Danielle Marchese, a business coach and branding expert helping you create your one of a kind personal brand to leverage the success you desire in both your life and business. Each week, Danielle delivers interviews and personal stories in an effort to prove "The Brand Theory" that when we live from a place of authenticity and truth while honoring our purpose and passions, we give ourselves the permission to go after what we desire and create a life that truly lights us up!

Pivoting Your Brand & Business with Lindsay Hanson
Mar 28 2022
Pivoting Your Brand & Business with Lindsay Hanson
Dive into this episode where Danielle and Lindsay, online business coach, freelance digital marketer, and host of the Quit Your Job Sis podcast,  chat about the urge as business owners to pivot what they are offering and how to successfully follow this intuitive pull.About Lindsay:In 2018, Lindsay quit her accounting job just a year into her career in search of something more. In the depths of her quarter-life crisis, she knew she couldn't spend the next 40 years going to an unfulfilling job and punching numbers into a spreadsheet. She knew there had to be a life where she could make good money doing work she loved, while making a real impact on the world. So, she sought out to find it.Fast forward 3 years, today, she’s an online business coach, freelance digital marketer, and host of the Quit Your Job, Sis podcast. She’s helped dozens of women to leave their unfulfilling corporate jobs and turn their passions into authentic & impactful online businesses. Now, she’s here to share my journey and help women around the world to know that a 9-5 isn't the only path to success.Connect with Lindsay:PodcastInstagramTikTokPinterestLinkedInFacebookWebsiteCheck out the official sponsors of The Brand Theory Podcast! The ReelStyle Exchange is a beauty and lifestyle business that offers prosumer services and products to enhance your health lifestyle.Feeling like your business controls you right now instead of the other way around? Sounds like you may need a Brand Rescue! Learn more here. Use code "brandtheory10" for exclusive savings.