"On Brand" Podcasting with Lyndsay Phillips

The Brand Theory Podcast

Mar 15 2022 • 47 mins

Lyndsay Phillips, a Content Marketing & Podcast expert, is the CEO of Smooth Sailing Business Growth and Smooth Business Podcasting. Growing a successful Content Marketing Agency, launching her own podcasts (and clients), she quickly learned the true power of podcasting. Skeptical at first and scared of putting herself out there, her ‘do it anyway attitude’ paid off and her business has grown 60% each year consistently. Join us as we dive into what it takes to both start and grow a successful podcast show!

Lyndsay has been featured on MSN, NBC, Fox, published in Huffington Post, guesting on podcasts like John Lee Dumas’s Entrepreneurs On Fire and Joe Fairless’ Best Podcast Ever, and has shared her expertise at events such as Dream Business Academy, Podfest (and included in the Guiness World Records!), and Service Business Edge (sharing the stage with Mike Michalowicz and Jay Abraham).

She LOVES helping entrepreneurs build their authority and increase visibility through the power of podcasting with her full service podcasting and content marketing services.

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