S2 E9 - The Weekly News 12-29-2021 with Simon Borchert & Peter Borchert - Our Heroes of 2021

The Art Of Conservation

Dec 30 2021 • 53 mins

Simon & Peter talk about their conservation heroes of 2021.

The list could be endless, but we talk about the recent passing of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, E.O. Wilson and Thomas Lovejoy and celebrate Dr Esmond Martin, Wangari Maathai, Merlyn Nkomo, Dr John Hanks, Peter Fearnhead, Jane Goodall and Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka as some of this year’s conservation heroes.

We wish all our listeners a prosperous, successful and exciting 2022. The fight to save our wild places has never been tougher, but it is made easier by all the amazing folk who do so much for so little. We salute you all.