6: Application Insights: Reporting, Maps, and Cohorts

Development Best Practices

Jan 26 2022 • 16 mins

This sixth episode of the Development Best Practices podcast we continue our talk about Application Insights with Brett Hazen, ILM Principal Architect. If you haven't listened to Episode Five of our podcast on Application Insights, I would encourage you to do so before listening to this one. In that episode, Brett and I do a brief introduction on Application Insights and talk through the basic, telemetry, and how to integrate Application Insights into Javascript and non-.NET applications.

1:20 Reporting
2:20 Data Visualizations
3:30 Dashboards
4:50 Application Maps
7:10 Simple way to search
8:10 Integrating into new projects
9:15 Integrating into existing projects
10:55 Tracking user cohorts
12:10 What does this all cost?

The Development Best Practice Podcast is brought to you by ILM Professional Services.   Brett talked about users complaining that your application is slow.  That's a frustrating moment that leads to a lot of late nights and weekends: why IS it slow? Is it my platform?  My application?  Do I fix it with some gasoline and a match and start over?  We've all been there, and ILM would like to help.  Using Application Insights as well as our decades of experience solving problems just like this.  Please visit ilmservice.com today to get started!