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Welcome to LadyStrong FITcast! A No nonsense approach to women's weight loss hosted by Co-Founders Marciea and Brittany. This weekly podcast is about empowering women like you to avoid making excuses and to help you maximize your fitness and weight loss results. So many of us know what we need to do to achieve our goals but we aren't doing it. There's a continuous gap between our intentions and our actions. LadyStrong FITcast is a tool to help you create massive change in your life and enjoy the journey!

How to BALANCE Fitness & Wellness
Oct 25 2022
How to BALANCE Fitness & Wellness
LSF Co-Founder Marciea had the opportunity of interview Jen the clinic director with Fzycial Therapy Balance Center in Schaumburg. They discussed the importance of not just fitness, but different facades of  therapy. Tune-in now to find out how this can help you!________________________________________________________________Grab Your Free Transformation Consult Trial Below, or Refer a friend By providing the link:💪👉→ 🔥🔥________________________________________________________________!!Follow Us Up On Social! (We’ll Respond 100%)!!Instagram 👉 👉 Website ► The Most Inspired  Like-Minded Women on The Internet!🔥💪Inspired Like-Minded Women Weekly Podcast Episodes on Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset & Accountability   Quick About LSF:Established by two women (Marciea & Brittany) for women. LadyStrong Fitness is an intimate boutique style fitness studio, where women like you can come and be yourself without feeling  judged. Are you tired of being unhappy with your body? Feel Like you are lacking structure and motivation? Do you hate going to the gym? Good! We’re not a gym....LSF is a lifestyle.   We’ll change how you think about the “gym routine.”LadyStrong Fitness offers semi-private classes in just 60-minutes with a total body workout, led by a certified instructor, mixed with three class formats (Body Weight, Strength and Cardio Training) with new workouts everyday. While using a heart-rate monitor system that gauges each woman's overall fitness and health that summarizes each workout through a reporting systems. LadyStrong Fitness not only emphasizes on fitness, but educates ‘three additional key pillars’, nutrition, mindset and accountability.This combination is unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else. LSF has an expert team of Green Squad members who have your best interest in mind. It’s time to start telling yourself I am LadyStrong