When Essential Team Members Leave

Financial Snickens

Nov 9 2023 • 5 mins

If a top performing employee left your business, would it send your team into a frenzy or into a united front? At some point every business owner experiences losing a key team member, but it doesn’t have to create panic.

In this episode, I explore the impact of employee departures, why it’s crucial to foster a strong team and culture, and how empowered teams step up when it matters most.

In this episode, you’ll also hear:

  • Turning crisis into opportunity
  • Organic evolution of leaders
  • Power of united teams

Must-listen moments:

[00:00:22] Whether it's due to retirement or a career transition, or even a personal decision, the exit of a pivotal team member can create a void that demands immediate attention and causes craziness in your company.

[00:02:48] The team's diverse skill sets were combined and then new leaders emerged, and they ended up having this organic evolution that enabled the company to not only weather the storm, but they also emerged more resilient and adaptable than ever before.

[00:04:30] This shared commitment not only keeps the ship afloat during tumultuous times, because those are going to happen, but it also guides th