Joy of Working

Financial Snickens

Sep 14 2023 • 6 mins

Finding joy in your work is a lot easier when you have leaders that create a positive and supportive culture.

In this episode, I dial in on what keeps employees happy and ready to come to work, and game-changing advice to incorporate the “4 G’s” into your work life.

In this episode, you’ll also hear:

  • The real reason people leave jobs
  • The value of praising employees
  • Power of the 4 G’s: Gratitude, Generosity, Growth, Grit

Must-listen moments:

[00:00:59] Company culture is one of the strongest forces for happy employees. And it's the number one thing why employees stay with a company and the leaders are the ones who are creating the culture and delivering the message.

[00:02:00] As a leader, you need to have faith in your employees and constantly talk about all the good things they're doing.

[00:06:11] Even if you're in a situation where your manager isn't practicing the four G's and you're the employee, you can start and it's contagious.

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