My First Business in 4th Grade

Financial Snickens

Sep 21 2023 • 5 mins

Some kids start lemonade stands while others sell chocolate bars for different school fundraisers, and these experiences might just launch the next big business owner.

In this episode, I recall my own entrepreneurial journey and how permission to think outside the box planted a seed that’s still influencing my professional career.

In this episode, you’ll also hear:

  • Making money by helping others
  • Giving space for creativity
  • Encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit

Must-listen moments:

[00:02:00] What it got me inspired about, was it was a thrill to own my own business and be in charge and helping people and getting paid for it.

[00:03:09] But he allowed me space to be me. He gave me the permission to think outside the box, and this fostered such a creative sense for me that it really allowed me to think of things that weren't being done.

[00:05:43] It's a testament to the power of childhood experiences and the power of great teachers. It also reminds us that the seeds of entrepreneurship can be sown at the most unexpected times and places.

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