Career Hacking: Supercharging Your Job Search with Joel Bein - Ep. 56

Degree Free

Aug 3 2022 • 59 mins

Joel Bein is a Writer and Head of Growth at The Daily Job Hunt(, an email to over 200,000 subscribers with daily tips on how to supercharge your job search!

His experience in pitching companies directly allows him to land interviews 80% of the time. Joel has written 500+ blog posts and as a classically trained musician and conductor, is also the Founder of New Orleans Chamber Players.

He's also the author of Do It Now: a finished book.

We talked about a variety of topics: his experience in conducting an orchestra and how it helped in his day-to-day life, how you can stand out in your job search by using video pitches, and more!

Please enjoy this fun conversation with Joel Bein!

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