How Often Should You Be Applying For Jobs Even When You Have One? - Ep. 43

Degree Free

May 4 2022 • 25 mins

There are many reasons why you should keep on applying for jobs when you have a job. Watch the full episode to learn how often should you apply for jobs when you're employed!

Welcome to Degree Free, where we explain what you can do instead of going to college, and how to teach yourself, get work, and make good money.

In this episode, we talk about:

- How often should you apply for jobs when employed and why you should do it - Why applying for jobs will help you learn your market value and how you can leverage it to earn more money and have more benefits - What are the common misconceptions that cause people to not look for new jobs - The best places to apply for jobs when you're currently employed

Hannah talks about why you shouldn't feel guilty when leaving a company for better compensation.

Ryan also shares a story about his friend that got promoted twice in 15 months because of this strategy.

Hope you all enjoy the episode!

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