Episode 7: Entrepreneurship: Building Your Empire With Special Guest Ryan Weeden

Ambition for Breakfast

Mar 5 2021 • 53 mins

Today's special guest is none other than CEO of Masters of Balayage and the host of The Hairpreneur Show Podcast, Ryan Weeden! Ryan has an incredible story, so much so that it's hard to know where to begin. After moving to New York to pursue acting, Ryan was living in Brooklyn when tragedy struck on 9/11. From then, he started hustling at a corporate salon to collecting cans to make ends meet, to working as a real estate agent, and building up a clientele on Yelp. Ryan's success story is filled with lots of old-fashioned sweat and nose-to-the-grindstone hard work. He's now the CEO of Masters of Balayage where he manages a team of 10 employees. He's also a Wella Global Ambassador and teaches his balayage techniques online to a worldwide community of avid hairstylists. Learn all about Ryan's amazing story here.

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