The Prepare Podcast

Salvation Army Women

A Salvation Army podcast: Join us as women of faith and in ministry share their experiences and wisdom to prepare and equip us in our faith, pursuits, and callings.
Episode 77: Major Melissa Viquez and Captain Jessica MartinezEpisode 76: Arise & Shine A New Day Conference Guest Meet & GreetEpisode 75 Michelle Cowan and Kelli Smith - MOPS InternationalEpisode 74: Sonya Smith Part TwoEpisode 73: Sonya Smith Part OneEpisode 72: Major AmyJo Ferguson Part TwoEpisode 71: Major AmyJo Ferguson Part ONEEpisode 70 - Captain Dennis Jolly, Captain AJ Zimmerman, & Major Mark LitherlandEpisode 69 Major Mark Litherland,Captain AJ Zimmerman, & Lt. Dennis JollyEpisode 68: Captain Melissa Sivels Part 2Episode 67: Captain Melissa Sivels Part OneEpisode 66: Major Paula PyleEpisode 65: Chrissy MatthewsEpisode 64 - Sabrina KemperEpisode 63 - Lt. Amanda HoscheitEpisode 61: Peggy McGeeEpisode 60: Sarah MiculaEpisode 59: Jill SnelsonEpisode 62: Major Katherine Clausell - Re-release of episode 58Episode 57: Robin Smith, Director of Refuge for Women Las Vegas