Vibe Check

Stitcher, & Saeed Jones, Zach Stafford, and Sam Sanders

A weekly podcast where Sam Sanders, Saeed Jones, and Zach Stafford make sense of what’s going on in news and culture – and how it all feels. Vibe Check is your favorite group chat, come to life. read less

Our Editor's Take

Vibe Check is a news and pop culture podcast. It strikes the elusive balance between profound insight and fun. It is hilarious and thought-provoking. Fans can listen to this podcast to make sense of the modern world and how it affects them. This podcast helps people mentally reflect on current events. It aims for them to examine how the state of the world is making them feel.

Vibe Check brings together an impressive trio of hosts. Poet and writer Saeed Jones joins journalists Sam Sanders from NPR and Zach Stafford from MSNBC. The three discuss culture and politics. Social commentary meets pop culture, from the Oscars to Rihanna's latest big performance. These three friends meet at the intersection of culture, race, and queerness. This podcast wants listeners to keep track of topics that matter.

Sam, Zach, and Saeed discuss many American issues. From gun violence to racial discrimination, they are honest and open. These three hosts often share anecdotes from their own experiences. Their stories highlight the impact of today's political environment on real lives. As Black and queer people, these hosts bring intersectional perspectives to current events.

Beyond the latest news stories, Vibe Check poses big social questions. The hosts offer listeners insight into candid exploration between friends. They discuss the limitations of marriage. In another episode, the rise of celebrity queer-baiting is on the agenda. Regardless of the issue, the hosts present smart and engaging ideas.

The issues people are fighting for today can feel overwhelming. These three hosts share what's essential in tough times: community, fun, and rest. With every Vibe Check episode, the hosts share their new favorites music, TV, and more in the week's recommendations. Fans of the podcast love how much they laugh and learn while they listen. The podcast's episodes are funny, informative, and inspiring.

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