School of Purpose

Bradley Wright PhD

The School of Purpose Podcast is for people who want a deep understanding of purpose in life. It interviews experts who study purpose and people who have experienced great levels of it. From them, we learn how to have more purpose in our life. New episode every Wednesday morning.
#78. "Passionate about Helping People Become Who God Made Them to Be": Pastor and Author Chase Davis#77. Growing Up with Cancer: Writer, Educator, and Survivor Amber Hovanec-Carey#76. How Emotions and Relationships Point Us to Purpose: Developmental Scientist and CEO Ben Houltberg#75. Overcoming the Challenges of Living Purposefully: Jiu Jitsu Fighter and Business Founder Maya Nazareth#74. Living Purposefully in a World of Digital Distraction: Writer and Contemplative Ed Cyzewski#73. Finding Purpose on the Appalachian Trail: Logan McDonald (After the Hike)#72. Finding Purpose on the Appalachian Trail: Logan McDonald (Before the Hike)#71. How Decluttering Promotes Purpose: Writer and Coach Shawna Scafe#70. Finding Purpose as a Leader: Business Instructor and Executive Coach Ryan Sanders#69. The Cyclical Nature of Purpose: Author Jonathon Tucker#68. Redeeming Work with Purpose: Purpose Researcher Zach Mercurio#67. From Prison to Purpose: Recovered Addict Shay Walters#66. Mindfulness, The Brain, and Purpose: Research Scientist and Chief Contemplative Officer Cortland Dahl#65: Following Inner Wisdom into Purpose: Life Coach and Mentor Audrey Seymour#64: Having Purpose Literally Saved His Life: Entrepreneur and Non-Profit Executive William McNeely#63: Pain, Service, & Purpose: Tech Executive and Altruist Ferose V R#62: Self-Discovery, Security, and Finding Purpose: Attorney, Author, and Guide Lauren Krasnodembski#61: Mindfulness, Teams, and Purpose: Mindfulness Teacher and Retired Navy SEAL Jon Macaskill#60: Finding Work in Middle Age Stirs Your Soul: Rehabilitation Aide Burt Fleischner
Jul 28 2021
38 mins
#59: The Power of Reprogramming Your Mindset into Purpose: Coach and Author Joey Drolshagen