Success and The Single Parent

Let's Coach with Carolyn - Career Strategist, Leadership and Life Coach

Jun 28 2017 • 59 mins

In the United States, over the past few decades, there has been an increase in the number of single parent homes. Although the majority of these are led by single mothers, more and more you find single fathers raising their children.  Life in these single parent homes can be quite stressful dealing with childcare issues, trying to achieve work life balance and often having to prolong dreams while the needs of the children come first. Single parents can find it difficult to stay motivated and can become overwhelmed and frustrated. This weeks guest, Ivette Bundu, will share her very personal story on how she has found a way to push through it all and build not one, but two, very successful businesses.  Ivette is a fashion stylist and Arbonne consultant, but her primary role is that of Mom to two wonderful boys. At times she has found herself in a state of darkness wondering how can she truly give the best life to her boys.  She adopted two mottos "Do it with joy" and "Do it ugly" that continue to motivate her to keep moving forward. So join us on Let's Coach and learn the strategies she used to stay motivated and achieve success as a single parent.