The World Health Organization (WHO) had declared the outbreak of COVID-19 as a  public health emergency of international concern.  The outbreak has impacted all of us in some way. The coronavirus has impacted us professionally, personally, economically, and it has tested some individual's faith. It's a lot to navigate through as you begin to figure out what is next for you and your family. You've had time to reflect and your life has and is changing.  What is it that you're going to create from this? How can you shift through it all? Many have turned to life and professional coaching as a solution. But, is it effective?  In this episode,  Life Coach Colin C. Thompson joins us all the way from Shanghai to help answer this and other questions. Specializing in Personal Development, Relocation, and Career Coaching, Colin coaches individuals and groups on how to reach their dreams, goals, and desires.   Tune in as Colin and Carolyn discuss tips and strategies on how you can successfully maneuver through this time of uncertainty and prepare for your new normal.