Rhythm of Life​

Two Men Talking

Aug 15 2023 • 17 mins

Life is full of a rhythm that can be seen in all ages and stages - from babyhood to youth, adulthood to elderly age. At each stage, we experience joys, sorrows, life events and routine activities which form the rhythm of our lives.

In birth, newborn babies begin their journey into the world with fragile innocence and an open heart. They experience the world around them with curiosity and wonder, learning new skills at each step of their growth. From taking their first steps to forming meaningful relationships, babies learn to communicate through words and expressions as they mature gradually in body and mind.

As children reach youth age, they set off on an exciting journey of exploration and discovery. They seek to express themselves creatively, affirming their identity in unique ways; they enjoy the freedom of spending time with friends and discovering the world around them. They learn to appreciate different values and perspectives, while still understanding who they are as individuals.

Adults take what they have learned from childhood experiences and build on these foundations to create new paths for their lives.

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