The China History Podcast

Laszlo Montgomery

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Our Editor's Take

The China History Podcast picks events in random order from the history of China. There are about 5,000 years worth of stories, memories, and happenings, so there is plenty to discuss. The podcast began in 2010, discussing historical moments from well before modern-day China.

Each week, podcast host Laszlo Montgomery details a different aspect of China's history. The show examines dynasties, key figures, wars, and more. Sometimes, a subject will span multiple episodes. This allows Montgomery to explain everything thoroughly without missing details. For example, there were fifteen parts to the history of Taiwan. Listeners can search The China History Podcast for a topic of particular interest to them.

Montgomery is a detail-oriented, thorough podcast host. His interest in the Chinese language and history started as a hobby. It continued after he moved to Hong Kong in the later 1980s. He has a 30-year relationship with China as a businessman. He brings this experience into his various projects related to China's history. The host has an evident passion for the subject. His appreciation of the place is clear in his recounts of historical moments.

He also gears his show toward his target audience. Montgomery adds "notes" for Chinese terms used in the show. This way, non-Chinese speakers can understand everything. He doesn't sift through information to present only one line of thought. Instead, Montgomery mentions the history of China from an overseas perspective. He displays reports from the US, Great Britain, and other countries in the show.

The audience will hear about rulers, Chinese literature, scholars, the Great Wall, culture, and more. It even mentions tea history. The show provides greater insight, understanding, and appreciation of the country. Fans of this series may also like The Chinese Sayings Podcast. Montgomery also hosts that program.

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