28. Waste Collection as a Service with Joel Tasche from Cleanhub

Pristine Ocean Podcast

Sep 20 2021 • 23 mins


Today we are talking to a german waste processing professional.

He is also    a surfer and ocean evangilist

He is an entrepreneur who believes in the power of technology to create solutions to envionmental challenges

Joel Tasche from CleanHub wants to disrupt an industry where the margins are already razor thin.

In locations of high plastic pollution, his company finances local contractors to collect the non-recyclable materials that would otherwise land in the environment

To pay for these operations, he works with consumer brands who want to offset their plastic footprint.

The story starts in Lake Constance in the south west of Germany where Joel grew up. The fishermen there complain of too few fish. The water is so clean, the fish have little to feed on.

You get the picture. Very, very clean. Growing up in an environment like this, leaves a mark on person.

When Joel moved away to study, he ended up spending a lot of time in the water surfing.

He worked for a while at a startup but then he hit a crisis of meaning for this life.

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