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Teach Me How To Vegan is jam-packed with resources, ideas, and tips for switching to (or staying on) a plant-based diet. Hosts Tony and Mickey Quintana share from their experiences, both personal and professional, how you can go vegan. They explore topics such as meal planning, budgeting, recipes, nutrition, parenting, and much more. Whether you want to go vegan for the animals, the environment, your health, or social justice, this is the place to learn how.

NM Vegan Dining Guide
Mar 18 2022
NM Vegan Dining Guide
In this episode of Teach Me How To Vegan we talk all about our new interactive New Mexico Vegan Dining Guide website including tips on how to use it to find vegan eats you’ll love. We also have a fun and yummy conversation about our favorite eats across the state, and as a bonus for our listeners outside of New Mexico, we share our top ten favorite places to eat around the country. The contents of this podcast are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and does not constitute medical or other professional advice. New Mexico Vegan Dining Guide: Restaurants Mentioned: Vegos (Albuquerque) Ruby Reds (Albuquerque & Washington DC) Trail Rider Pizza (Cedar Crest)  Tia B’s Waffleria (Albuquerque) Root 66 Food Truck (Albuquerque) Vegan Vato (Albuquerque) Tia Mom’s Cocina (Albuquerque)  La Salita (Albuquerque) Bumblebee’s Baja Grill (Santa Fe)  The Acre (Albuquerque)  Sister Bar (Albuquerque)  Ras Rody’s Jamaican (Santa Fe) Leona Banh Mi (Albuquerque) Fan Tang (Albuquerque) Sergio’s Bakery & Café (Albuquerque) Pizza Etc. (Santa Fe) Slice & Dice Pizzeria (Rio Rancho) Fiesta Oaxaca (Santa Fe) Frank & Lupe’s (Socorro) Root 66 Café (Santa Fe) Tender Fire Pizza (Santa Fe) Plant Base Café (Santa Fe) Taos Diner (Taos) City O’ City (Denver, CO) Spiral Diner (Dallas, TX) Happy Vegan Bakers (Hialeah, FL) Yardie Spice (Homestead, FL) Imagine Vegan Café (Memphis, TN) Pizza Head (St Louis, MO) Dirty Lettuce (Portland, OR) The Vegan Joint (Los Angeles, CA)  Hip City Veg (10 locations in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC)