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The Profitable Nutritionist™ is a podcast for holistic nutritionists and health coaches who are ready to make more money and help more people...WITHOUT relying on social media. That's right: You'll learn simple, effective, evergreen marketing and sales strategies and tools to grow your health and wellness business organically so you can impact more people without sacrificing your own health and sanity along the way. After almost 20 years as a successful full-time entrepreneur in 3 different industries, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and certified Life Coach Andrea Nordling is sharing her proprietary Repeatable Revenue Process for building a consistently profitable health and wellness practice online that you won't learn anywhere else. Make sure you subscribe so you don't miss your weekly dose of business and money mindset insights, coaching tools and resources, and step by step actions you can take for attracting more of your dream clients without ever trying another "engagement strategy" or algorithm hack ever again. Hit subscribe and let's begin.
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Imposter Syndrome Part 1: The "Successful" People
It's estimated that only 5% of holistic nutritionists have a profitable business, and I attribute A LOT of that to the false expectations set by the rigorous certifications themselves.Before we talk about the 5% of "successful" people, let's get clear on what's really going on here:We come out of these certification programs scared to help people or overpromise big, life changing results for them. Most practitioners are not confident in their abilities, they feel like an unprepared fraud on some level, and think they need more practice or more training before starting to work with clients. These thoughts lead to feeling like a complete imposter, not a qualified and capable practitioner.The certification programs we go through are designed to make us feel uncertain and doubtful so we don't hurt our clients or go out of the scope of our practice. Remember that. If you recently got certified and are even more fearful and uncertain now than you were when you started, that's normal, but you have to move past those fears and start helping people, anyway.Don't want for the feelings of imposter syndrome to go away entirely because they never will. They just get less important and quieter with the more people you help and by consistently doing the thought exercises you learn in this episode. Let’s get to it.Start the Free Course Here:https://www.buildaprofitablepractice.com/freeFull Show Notes & Transcription Here:https://www.buildaprofitablepractice.com/blog/015-imposter-syndrome-part-1-the-successful-peoplePlease click the button to subscribe so you don't miss any episodes and leave a review if your favorite podcast app has that ability. Thank you!© 2022 Andrea Nordling
6d ago
58 mins
Be a Chef, Not a BakerThe AWE Of 2021Creating Your Money Making Website
We're diving into technology, today. Terrifying, right?I promise to keep this so simple and easy to follow, you're going to WANT to either create your website or audit and simplify your existing site by the time you're done with this episode.No more procrasti-designing or just burying your head in the sand at the thought of trying to move stock images of food around on random pages and make them look good. NO NO NO. Do not do this, for the love.As you may or  may not know, I have really strong opinions about technology and marketing and websites in particular. We'll get into all of that in this episode, but let me just say this: You do NOT need a website to make money as a holistic nutritionist or health coach. You don't. I have students that come into my program without any website and they are doing just fine working with clients and making money left and right. It's not a prerequisite.With that being said, it's 2021 and you probably WANT a website. It's certainly not going to hurt, unless the creation of said website sucks up all your time and energy for a month and you don't make any actual money. That's what you're going to avoid by listening to this episode. Enjoy!Start the Free Course Here:https://www.buildaprofitablepractice.com/freeFull Show Notes & Transcription Here: https://www.buildaprofitablepractice.com/blog/012-creating-your-money-making-websitePlease click the button to subscribe so you don't miss any episodes, and leave a review if your favorite podcast app has that ability. Thank you!© 2021 Andrea Nordling
Dec 21 2021
39 mins
How to Sell More Without Fear of Rejection
Today I'm going to take you through an exercise I teach to my students that completely eradicates their fear of rejection when it comes to marketing and selling their services.I see this fear of rejection most often with my students that work with clients 1:1 or in small groups, because they feel like they're selling their time and expertise, which feels a lot like selling their own value and worth.When people don't invest in that, they take it personally. It feels like THEY were not worth the investment. That's what leads to the feeling of rejection, and we know that most humans will go to great lengths to avoid the experience of being rejected. It makes promoting a business very difficult when fear of rejection is looming around every corner.So how do you move past that fear? How do you overcome that primitive brain response to stay safe in the herd and never be vulnerable to the scrutiny or rejection of others while still marketing your business and telling people you can help them?You do this by selling the VALUE and RESULTS your clients get, not selling "you" or your time. When you make this one little tweak, everything in your marketing and selling becomes easier and more authentic.Let me teach you how.Start the Free Course Here:https://www.buildaprofitablepractice.com/freeLearn About The Program Here:https://www.buildaprofitablepractice.com/joinFull Show Notes & Transcription Here: https://www.buildaprofitablepractice.com/blog/011-how-to-sell-more-without-fearing-rejectionPlease click the button to subscribe so you don't miss any episodes, and leave a review if your favorite podcast app has that ability. Thank you!© 2021 Andrea Nordling
Dec 14 2021
37 mins
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