Creating Your Money Making Website

The Profitable Nutritionist

Dec 21 2021 • 39 mins

We're diving into technology, today. Terrifying, right?

I promise to keep this so simple and easy to follow, you're going to WANT to either create your website or audit and simplify your existing site by the time you're done with this episode.

No more procrasti-designing or just burying your head in the sand at the thought of trying to move stock images of food around on random pages and make them look good. NO NO NO. Do not do this, for the love.

As you may or  may not know, I have really strong opinions about technology and marketing and websites in particular. We'll get into all of that in this episode, but let me just say this: You do NOT need a website to make money as a holistic nutritionist or health coach. You don't. I have students that come into my program without any website and they are doing just fine working with clients and making money left and right. It's not a prerequisite.

With that being said, it's 2021 and you probably WANT a website. It's certainly not going to hurt, unless the creation of said website sucks up all your time and energy for a month and you don't make any actual money. That's what you're going to avoid by listening to this episode. Enjoy!

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