How to Sell More Without Fear of Rejection

The Profitable Nutritionist

Dec 14 2021 • 38 mins

Today I'm going to take you through an exercise I teach to my students that completely eradicates their fear of rejection when it comes to marketing and selling their services.

I see this fear of rejection most often with my students that work with clients 1:1 or in small groups, because they feel like they're selling their time and expertise, which feels a lot like selling their own value and worth.

When people don't invest in that, they take it personally. It feels like THEY were not worth the investment. That's what leads to the feeling of rejection, and we know that most humans will go to great lengths to avoid the experience of being rejected. It makes promoting a business very difficult when fear of rejection is looming around every corner.

So how do you move past that fear? How do you overcome that primitive brain response to stay safe in the herd and never be vulnerable to the scrutiny or rejection of others while still marketing your business and telling people you can help them?

You do this by selling the VALUE and RESULTS your clients get, not selling "you" or your time. When you make this one little tweak, everything in your marketing and selling becomes easier and more authentic.

Let me teach you how.

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