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Storytellers is a celebration of people and what it means to be human. In this interview series, we delve into the struggles and triumphs that come with following your passion, pursuing your dreams and creating lasting change.They have a story to tell and it’s worth listening to.http://storytellers.id
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Storytellers - Alyce Merrilees
Storytellers - Alyce MerrileesStorytellers - Reigan Jackson
Reigan JacksonStar reader, embodied guide, awakening others Some people tell her she’s the luckiest person they’ve ever met. That life has fallen in her favour, especially when she’s needed it most. But the truth is, Reigan Jackson deeply understands the forces that are guiding her through life and how to harness them so that she receives everything she needs and wants. And she has received this knowledge through her study of the stars, as a decade-long student of astrology.Reigan lives and breathes astrology, and in her presence you can’t help but be swept up in her passion - even the most pessimistic of minds would probably be turned towards the stars. Because it’s very clear that she embodies her work, and is able to communicate about what can be a controversial topic, with authority and grace. Plus she is genuinely one of the brightest spirits in the room, beaming joy to all who come into her field.Reigan isn’t here to convince anyone whether or not to “believe”, but to awaken as many people to the possibility that they aren’t living at their highest vibration. She wants to share her gift and her connection with spirit to enlighten the lives of those around her. I spoke to this magnetic being about her path to finding and connecting with astrology, the struggles that she’s had to overcome to allow herself to open up fully to the experience, how she deals with the sceptics, and the exciting next steps in her journey.https://www.instagram.com/the.art.of.astrology/
Sep 6 2021
57 mins
Storytellers - Nic Bloom
Nurturer, purpose-driven paths, breaking down stigmasDiscourse around mental health have come a long way in the last decade. Growing from a place of shame, stigma and taboo, to slowly becoming more open, healthy and supportive, covering the full spectrum of experience, these conversations are being driven by a plethora of different people and organisations. These are discussions that Nic Bloom is not only participating in, but driving with passion. When Nic finished his high school studies, he didn’t even know that working in the mental health was an option, let alone his purpose-driven path. This is despite growing up with a parent with a mental illness and an acute awareness of his feelings and the feelings of others. Although this passion was always lying beneath the surface, it took the tragic passing of a close friend in 2020 to ignite the fire that saw him quit his 9 to 5 and dedicate his life to helping and educating others.Uniquely, Nic is forging his path from a number of different angles – as a facilitator, a mentor, as a speaker and as a friend. Each has not only provided him the opportunity to connect with a whole range of different age groups and backgrounds, from school kids to professionals, but also allowed him to share his own story and work through his own healing process. I had a beautiful and expansive chat to Nic about this journey, how he navigates the ups and downs of working in the mental health and anti-bullying space, the power of sharing stories, and how he looks after his own mental health and that of those around him.- Connect with Nic on LinkedIn here- See Nic's media releases, interviews and content here- Check out Nic's upcoming MHFA workshops here
Jun 22 2021
46 mins
Storytellers - Michelle EassonStorytellers - Melbourne Art NaturalStorytellers - Josh CarmodyStorytellers - Maryellen George
Mar 22 2021
44 mins
Storytellers - Ange Drake
Personal trainer, women’s community creator, beam of shining light.A perfect day that involves a 5am wakeup, training and work – you might be reading this thinking, who on EARTH would call that a perfect day? But if you met Ange Drake, and I really hope you do, you’d not only totally understand it, but also celebrate it. Because Ange wholeheartedly loves what she does for a living, completely emanating that sentiment – if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.Personal trainer, women’s community facilitator, mother, wife, friend, and beam of shining light, Ange is the cheerleader everyone needs to live a happy, healthy and well-rounded life. But don’t think she’s not going to make you lift heavier, plank longer or skip just that little bit faster while championing you.A former school teacher, and now the proud owner and leader of women’s strength gym 23W, Ange is dedicated in her mission to help women reach their health and fitness goals, in a supportive, judgement-free environment. But it’s not been without its struggles – with a baby and a global pandemic testing that very energy that keeps her inspiring others.We spoke about taking the leap to becoming a small business owner, how she and her community rallied together to keep her gym open and spirits alive during lockdown, all whilst juggling the challenges of being a first time mother. We also spoke about the misconceptions of strength training for women and why it’s so important for long term health. Instagram@twentythreew@ange_drake
Mar 9 2021
37 mins
Storytellers - Rachel RoseStorytellers - Sarah Hutcheon
Woman in business, achieving greatness, driven to succeed.Drive, ambition, motivation. For high-performing women in the workforce, these words can often be construed as negative, even dirty. And god forbid you have an opinion or stand up for yourself, thus you be labelled aggressive, moody, or a bitch. Sarah Hutcheon has had to expertly tackle all these obstacles throughout her career as one of the top sales representatives for a multinational pharmaceutical company. I’ve known Sarah since the tender days of our early 20s, where fluro headbands and multi-coloured eyeshadow were the height of clubbing fashion. Even then, I looked up to her as someone who was exceptionally driven, who knew what she wanted out of life, as I floated along aimlessly trying to find inspiration for mine. Sarah had a strong sense, even as a kid, of what she wanted out of life, of the lifestyle she wanted to live. Not one for the quiet family setting, Sarah was driven to achieve success, to enjoy the finer things in life, and has made no apologies for pursuing her desires.A low-key brainiac, Sarah took her love of science and combined that with a Masters in Business, quickly working her way up the sales ladder thanks to her determination and fire-cracker personality, to become one of the youngest sales executives in the company before the age of 30.Usually on the road as an Oncology Territory Manager, Sarah has been adjusting to life at home. Which was the perfect opportunity to chat to her about her career path and motivation, dealing with sexism and gender roles in the workplace, and stepping away from the societal norm with her decision not to have children.
Dec 16 2020
41 mins
Storytellers - Cat WebbStorytellers - Asher CloranStorytellers - Amy CarmodyStorytellers - Leanne Hunter
Teacher, spa maven, mother.This was a bit of a special interview for me, because this is my mum, Leanne. Now this might seem like a little bit of nepotism, and my sister will most definitely call me a suck up, but my mum is one of the people in my life who has inspired me the most. To work hard, to be a caring, loving human, and to bring joy and light into the world.A self-proclaimed below-average student, Leanne started teachers college at the tender age of 17, with a determination to keep furthering her education beyond just learning a skill. A teaching career that has now spanned around 40 years (with a break somewhere in the middle), she is renowned and celebrated for her innovative and exceptionally creative approach to the classroom, becoming a much-loved and much-requested leader for students and teachers alike.In a stroke of chance and perfect timing, Leanne bought the very first two franchises of the highly successful Endota Day Spa, in Mornington and Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula, mid-way through her career. The pair sold businesses off at the height of its success, and without an ounce of regret, besides maybe the loss of free treatments (or maybe that’s just me). Not one to sit still or even contemplate retirement, at least as long as my dad is spending like it’s going out of fashion, Leanne is back in the now-virtual year six classroom, helping guide our female leaders of the future.I spoke to her about teaching now and then, how expectations around the role have changed, taking the leap to start a business in your 40s, and how her fear of failure has ensured she’d never settled for less than she knows she can achieve.
Oct 19 2020
34 mins
Storytellers - Lauren SmithStorytellers - Dawn De Pew HartogWelcome to StorytellersStorytellers - Amy Lunardi
Buyers advocate, going against instinct, first home owner angel.Stepping off the path you thought you should be on is a risk too great for some to take. For Amy Lunardi, turning her back on her higher education and a stable job to go back to the bottom of the ladder, on minimum wage, initially seemed like too many steps backwards. But thankfully, with a little push from a colleague, she took the leap and has not only found a job she is wildly passionate about, but is also exceptionally good at.This leap saw her dive into the wild world of real estate. While she did start back at that bottom rung, her drive and determination saw her quickly find her niche and cement herself as one of Melbourne’s most well-respected and reputable buyer’s and vendor’s advocates. And fortunately for anyone wanting to dip their toes in the somewhat terrifying property market, Amy’s passion is the journey of the first-home buyer and creating robust educational resources to support it. A buyer herself in her mid-twenties, she experienced the minefield that is buying your first home, filled with conflicting advice, misinformation and a general lack of resources. Recently stepping out on her own with her new business Amy Lunardi Property, Amy has dedicated these recent months to refining her education offering through her podcast The Buyer’s Bible, a future series of workshops, and of course, continuing to guide her clients through the buying and selling process. Amy has been a friend of mine for around ten years, and has always been one of the hardest working people I know, who always gives the soundest advice. We spoke about her chance move to leave behind her original career path, why she’s so passionate about helping first-home buyers and all the brilliant resources she has in the works. Website: www.amylunardiproperty.com.auInstagram: @amy_lunardi_property@thebuyersbible
Sep 23 2020
28 mins
Storytellers - Claire KennaStorytellers - Rose Cuff