Storytellers - Claire Kenna


Sep 23 2020 • 1 hr

Guide, empath, embracing power.

Being in the presence of Claire Kenna is instantly soothing. She has this ability to make you feel at ease, to make you feel instantly seen. And therein lies her power to who she is and what she does an energy worker and a spiritual guide. Nothing is forced, nothing seems fake or insincere. It feels as though she is peering into the depths of your soul and is instantly ready to move whatever discomfort that lies within to where it needs to go.

What Claire does completely relies on her empathic nature, which ironically, but unsurprisingly, came from her own personal life-experiences that required her to embark on a self-healing journey. Whilst she has done the necessary training to earn her credibility within western culture, with certifications in Kinesiology, Yoga and Reiki, it is really Claire’s innate intuitive ability that has her sharing unique and authentic offerings within the wellness community.

Claire and I met through the wonderful Facebook group Tit for Tat*, and she has not only been vital in helping me through some times this year, but we have also become good friends.

She and I had a beautiful chat about her journey to empowerment, giving others the tools to heal themselves, how wellness and the energy space is growing and flourishing right now, and how she is navigating the online world through her work.

Instagram: @clairekennaenergy
Website: www.clairekennaenergy.com