Storytellers - Melbourne Art Natural


May 4 2021 • 34 mins

*Art nude, natural light master, celebrating diversity"

Nudity in art has been a prominent form of creative expression, ever since artists have been creating. But its acceptance within society has always trodden a fine line between goddess form and porn.

But as it's place within the modern zeitgeist grows more and more precarious, artists like photographer Melbourne Art Natural have started stepping up and pushing their body-positive agenda and celebrating just what it means to be human.

Because for M.A.N, nudity in art isn't about selling sex; it's about promoting bodies of all shapes, sizes, genders and backgrounds.

In this episode, I spoke to M.A.N about how he got into art nude and how he navigates it as a male, why it's so important for him to showcase and celebrate a wide range of bodies, and how he hopes to change the narrative when modern technology fights hard to shut his voice down.

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