Storytellers - Asher Cloran


Oct 27 2020 • 29 mins

Nature enthusiast, holistic healer, symbiotic creature.

Asher Cloran didn’t have a childhood immersed in nature. Often stuck in front of a TV, with unhealthy eating habits to match, Asher suffered from a multitude of illnesses and mental health issues that consumed his happiness as a young man.

And it’s precisely the reason he has spent the last eight years not only transforming his own life, but also helping educate other young adults and children on the immense value of health and nature.

Asher speaks so passionately and poetically about the magic of nature that it’s abundantly clear the profound impact it has had on his life. Now the owner and program director of Life Rocks, a science-based education company, Asher is dedicated to teaching children and parents alike about the power of the natural world.