Storytellers - Amy Lunardi


Sep 23 2020 • 28 mins

Buyers advocate, going against instinct, first home owner angel.

Stepping off the path you thought you should be on is a risk too great for some to take. For Amy Lunardi, turning her back on her higher education and a stable job to go back to the bottom of the ladder, on minimum wage, initially seemed like too many steps backwards. But thankfully, with a little push from a colleague, she took the leap and has not only found a job she is wildly passionate about, but is also exceptionally good at.

This leap saw her dive into the wild world of real estate. While she did start back at that bottom rung, her drive and determination saw her quickly find her niche and cement herself as one of Melbourne’s most well-respected and reputable buyer’s and vendor’s advocates.

And fortunately for anyone wanting to dip their toes in the somewhat terrifying property market, Amy’s passion is the journey of the first-home buyer and creating robust educational resources to support it. A buyer herself in her mid-twenties, she experienced the minefield that is buying your first home, filled with conflicting advice, misinformation and a general lack of resources.

Recently stepping out on her own with her new business Amy Lunardi Property, Amy has dedicated these recent months to refining her education offering through her podcast The Buyer’s Bible, a future series of workshops, and of course, continuing to guide her clients through the buying and selling process.

Amy has been a friend of mine for around ten years, and has always been one of the hardest working people I know, who always gives the soundest advice. We spoke about her chance move to leave behind her original career path, why she’s so passionate about helping first-home buyers and all the brilliant resources she has in the works.

Website: www.amylunardiproperty.com.au
Instagram: @amy_lunardi_property