How Mobile Is Enabling Digital Transformation

Digital Industries: Changing The Game, Presented by SAP

Oct 25 2016 • 56 mins

The buzz: “Connectivity is productivity” -Huffington Post 021215. While we as consumers spend more time on mobile devices than on traditional computing devices, the transformative power of mobile has not fully reached the workplace. Beyond getting email, alerts and chat on a phone, workers across industries around the globe cannot access mission-critical enterprise data, make decisions or take action from any location on the devices they love. Why not? Underlying business systems are not linked through a digital core to provide a seamless end user experience, resulting in wasted time and added complexity. The experts speak. Stuart Ravens, Navigant: “The key to success is failure…Success is made of 99 percent failure” -James Dyson. Catherine Lynch, SAP: “I’m late! I'm late! For a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye!” -The White Rabbit. Holger Fritzinger, SAP: “The best companies will be the most mobile” -Tim Cook. Join us for Mobile: Enabling Digital Transformation.

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