Unlocking the Guitar: How Open Tuning Works, Overcoming Frustration and Embracing the Universal Language of Music

Everybody Speaks Music

Jul 19 2023 • 24 mins

Episode 111 Details:

- Solo episode announcement, with a shout-out to co-host Mojo Kemp.

- Mention of significant transformation at Horizon School of Music

- Teaser for a future episode on school updates.

Visiting Bradford Elementary School:

- Recap of recent visit to Bradford Elementary School in Burnaby, BC.

- Jeremy McKay's summer school course on using GarageBand.

- Emphasizing the universal language of music and "Everybody Speaks Music."

- Sharing personal struggles to inspire the students.

- Curiosity of the students about music from different countries.

Exploring the Frustration of Guitar:

- Acknowledging common frustrations in learning the guitar.

- Lack of musicality when striking open strings.

- Introduction of open tuning and its benefits.

- Explanation of tuning to "DADFAD"

- Strumming the open strings to unlock rich and inspiring sounds.

Unlocking the Melody:

- Understanding the concept of melody and its connection to singing.

- Describing a scale as organized sound.

- Demonstrating the "do re mi fa so la ti do" scale on the thin, treble string.

- Exploring melodic and harmonic possibilities in open D tuning.

- Suggesting open D tuning as a helpful alternative for beginners or those with hand problems.

Creating Melodies:

- Encouraging the exploration of melodies through numeric patterns.

- Using random numbers to create melodies in the class.

- Highlighting the creative and enjoyable aspects of generating melodies.