Nick Joiner & Murphy Arsenaux (Firehouse Mentor) - 055


Jan 23 2022 • 1 hr 1 min

Murphy Arsenaux is a retired captain and 37-year veteran of the fire service. He started his career at the New Orleans Fire Department and finished it at St. George Fire Department in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Check out episode 054 with Murphy, where we discuss his book: A Company of Leaders: Leading at Every Level

On this episode, we welcome Murphy's co-author for Firehouse Mentor, Lieutenant Nick Joiner. Nick has been in the fire service for 26 years. In 1995, at 19-years-old, he started his career at Abbeville Fire Department in Louisiana. In 2008, he made the move to Industrial Emergency Services in Baton Rouge to work as an industrial firefighter in an oil refinery plant.

In 2010, Nick left the industrial scene and joined the St. George Fire Department, where he currently holds the rank of Lieutenant. Nick also serves on the honor guard for SGFD. He is passionate about promoting leadership, physical fitness and pursuing his education.

In 2018, Nick started “10 Rounds Firefighting”, a fire service, task-related fitness program to help inspire other firefighters to get into top physical condition. He is a part-time Training Instructor, Physical Fitness Instructor and also leads leadership forums at SGFD for captains, lieutenants, and firefighters. In 2017, Nick was overwhelmingly voted as “Firefighter of the Year” by his peers.