Franchising: Get off the Hopium Diet!

The Relentless Pursuit of Winning Podcast

Feb 2 2024 • 44 mins

Tom is a Certified Franchise Expert. He was the number one franchise owner of the year with his first franchise concept and failed miserably in his second franchise. The lessons learned from failure is what makes him such an expert


In this conversation, Tom Scarda shares his insights and experiences in the franchising industry. He emphasizes the importance of not becoming infatuated with a concept and instead advises potential franchisees to choose a business that allows them to pursue their passion. Tom also discusses the fear of the unknown that often holds people back from taking the leap into franchising. He explains the franchise investigation process and highlights the significance of visiting the corporate headquarters before making a decision. Tom concludes by promoting his book and offering franchise coaching services.


  • Don’t become infatuated with a concept when considering franchising.
  • Choose a franchise that allows you to pursue your passion.
  • Overcome the fear of the unknown and take the leap into franchising.
  • Visit the corporate headquarters during the franchise investigation process.


  • 00:00 The Biggest Lesson Learned
  • 37:09 Choosing the Right Franchise
  • 38:11 Finding a Business that Allows Pursuit of Passion
  • 39:26 Overcoming Fear of the Unknown
  • 40:23 The Franchise Investigation Process
  • 41:20 Promoting the Book
  • 42:03 Franchise Coaching
  • 43:33 Choosing Uncertainty for Magic to Happen