Ep. 60 – You can absolutely build your business differently!, Expert Guest – Wendy Brookhouse, CFP

Work Less PROFIT More Business Podcast

Jan 5 2023 • 25 mins

Hello podcast listeners…

Who inspires you?  I’m inspired by women business owners who are (as I say) brilliant and bold.  Today’s guest is both – she’s built a successful business in a male-dominated industry (brilliant) and she stands out – she’s made some bold moves to ensure her business isn’t like anyone else's!

If you’re ready to work less & earn more AND to build your wealth – then you’re going to love this episode.

Wendy & I discuss:

  • Niching down and how it helped her business
  • Why niching is so scary
  • How her financial planning business is different
  • The 5 numbers business owners need to know to build wealth


1.        Niching down equals profits up; continually think about how you could further niche down.

2.        Consider incorporating aspects of different business models into yours i.e. instead of trading time for dollars as in the financial planning or legal industries; how could you build programs/products/offers to sell.

3.        Know your Power Number™



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Wendy Brookhouse knows how to find, keep, and grow your wealth. As Founder and Chief Strategist of Black Star Wealth, she works with business owners to simplify their finances to achieve outstanding results. Creating wealth is more than just math – figuring out the ‘why’ behind your financial decisions can change your money mindset and better set you up for success.

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Here’s the graphic of my GROW Equation.

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