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Inside the Funnel takes listeners into the world of marketing leadership, where decision makers make big decisions, data informs everything, and ROI is just one of many metrics that matter. Join DAC's Jenna Watson, Dan Temby, and Nasser Sahlool—marketing trailblazers and incorrigible rascals—as they explore personalization at scale, customer analytics, and other real-world marketing matters that determine the success of strategies, tactics, brands, agencies, and even entire careers. https://www.dacgroup.com (www.dacgroup.com)

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Introducing Inside the Funnel
Behind the scenes of the Great Resignation2022: What to expect when you don't know what to expectInto the metaverse of madnessDiversity in ad landBjörn's brilliant B2B blueprintBack to the cookie-less future
Since we first covered the topic in episode one, Google has revealed that it will NOT replace third-party cookies with an equivalent mechanism to identify individual users. Cue anxious marketers asking themselves: "How are we going to do our jobs?!" Fortunately, Dan, Jenna, and Nasser are back to paint a much more vivid picture of our cookie-less future, gliding their hoverboards across talking points including: Why are third-party cookies going away? User Tracking 101 Privacy-preserving approaches to real-world problems What the FLoC? Welcome to cohort party 29056! The Three-Step Cookie Doomsday Preparedness Plan™ LINKS: DAC: "Google’s shift away from cookies and personal ad IDs" (Mar 2021) | DAC: "How to be data-driven in a crisis" (Apr 2020) | DAC: "https://www.dacgroup.com/blog/digital-advertising-in-a-cookie-less-future/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=podcastdescription&utm_campaign=insidethefunnel&utm_content=episode-009&utm_term=podcast (Digital advertising in a cookie-less future)" (Feb 2020) | DAC: "https://www.dacgroup.com/blog/googles-privacy-sandbox-invigorates-data-transparency-debate/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=podcastdescription&utm_campaign=insidethefunnel&utm_content=episode-009&utm_term=podcast (Google's 'Privacy Sandbox' invigorates data transparency debate)" (Aug 2019) | DAC: "https://www.dacgroup.com/blog/how-to-respect-data-privacy-in-the-digital-age/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=podcastdescription&utm_campaign=insidethefunnel&utm_content=episode-009&utm_term=podcast (How to respect data privacy in the digital age)" (Jan 2019) | ATTRIBUTIONS: "radio band.wav" by Paper Jam of Freesound.org | "Tape Rewind.wav" by Analog Bleep Ten of Freesound.org
Jun 7 2021
43 mins
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