Stand Firm Armor Up Part 3 of the Stand Firm Series Breastplate or Righteousness

In the journey of pursuing our calling, especially when it involves stepping into the realm of entrepreneurship, there is bound to be spiritual warfare and challenges that come our way. As we take that step of faith and obedience towards creating our online business by God's design, it's essential to be equipped with the armor of God to stand firm against the attacks of the enemy. Putting on the Full Armor of God:

The Stand Firm podcasting series emphasizes the importance of donning the full armor of God as mentioned in Ephesians 6. Just as a soldier wouldn't enter a battlefield without protective gear, we shouldn't venture into the spiritual realm of entrepreneurship unprotected. The spiritual warfare surrounding us requires us to be proactive in our defense and offense against the attacks of the enemy. Understanding the Spiritual Battle: The battle we face is not physical but spiritual, and as Christian women in the online business space, we have been equipped with the armor of God to combat the forces of evil. It's vital to recognize that our strength doesn't come from our own abilities but from Christ Jesus, who empowers us to fight against sin and pursue righteousness.

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Powerful Quotes:
  • "Put on the full armor of God and let's dig in. The battle is before us, and just as we wouldn't step into a war zone unprotected physically, we mustn't do so spiritually. We must equip ourselves with God's armor, for the spiritual warfare is real."
  • "We fight not in our own strength but with the empowerment of Christ Jesus. Our armor isn't self-made; it's God-given. As we engage in the battle against sin and evil, let's remember to rely on His strength and His victory."
  • "Knowing our enemy is crucial. Satan's influence is prevalent, but we are called to resist and fight from a place of victory in Christ. Let's actively put on the armor of God, understanding its purpose and significance in our spiritual journey."

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