Episode 301: Do you understand the value of emotional IQ?

Winning at Business and Life

Aug 26 2021 • 8 mins

Do you understand the value of emotional IQ?  6 questions. 7 minutes. Pure insights. Episode 301: Successful business leaders understand the value of emotional IQ. Wise words from Donald Thompson, CEO of The Diversity Movement. TRANSCRIPTION OF QUESTIONS 3-4: Question number three. I have a fictitious book with all the answers for business, one chapter which you think most companies should read? Most business leaders should read the chapter on emotional IQ. So many leaders are tactically proficient. Many leaders are visionary and storytelling is something that they're gifted but at the end of the day we're dealing with people, and we have to learn to lead, where people are able to learn and grow, and that's usually pretty difficult for many leaders because we all have dominant styles, and we have to slow down and work in reference in the style of the person we're trying to lead. And I think that that's really insightful especially if you want to connect with the people that you're leading with because if you try and push a certain style that doesn't fit with what they're receptive to, I can only imagine what kind of stress that would create would you agree? I absolutely agree. And if we think about a generational for example, right, it's learning styles introvert extrovert all those different things, but then we have a lot of different generations working together, more so than any other time in our corporate history, and we all have different perspectives on life and work in balance and integration, and we have to really be careful not to mediate our point of view that discounts the point of view of others. That is so so insightful thank you so much. Question number four, other than the generic work harder, have a great attitude and care for customers. What advice would you give to other business leaders? One of the things that I try to continue to work on is how do you link the daily efforts of the folks on your team to the overall business strategy of the corporation, when people understand what they do every day and how it aligns with corporate vision how it helps their community, how it grows, the bottom line, how it creates more security for them and their co workers, we tend to put more engagement into something we fully understand the further away we are to that mission. The more we just kind of go through the motions, testing, meet the basic numbers. So my advice to business leaders, something I've learned is how do you link those daily activities those behaviors you want to encourage your employees to the overall mission of the organization. I love that because it's not just about having let's say the corporate values on a, you know, on a, on your, your card that you get into the facility but it's actually helping them understand what their contribution makes to the overall Corporation is that what I'm hearing from you? And I'll give a very very super quick example, when you're talking to somebody in finance, and I think they're just crushing the numbers, but their ability to accurately forecast. The measures in the business, help for planning and growth for executives to make better informed decisions. So now it was sudden getting it right, has a direct alignment to the organization growing and thriving, because the accuracy, allows us to be more visionary, take a little bit more smart risk and growing the company. So that's a quick example of somebody that could think that their daily tasks don't really mean a lot. When actuality the outcome of those tasks, means a lot for the business. Oh, it's a great example and we have a lot of people who are in finance that listen to the show so I think they will be able to relate to that, so thank you. Please enjoy additional episodes at: https://petealexander.com/podcast/ Connect with Professor Pete on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/petealexander