10/26/20 Mon: South Africa, Armenia, Blacks in America

The Hake Report

Oct 26 2020 • 2 hrs 5 mins

The Hake Report, Monday, October 26, 2020

  • Trump is a MACHINE. 3 rallies per DAY! Amy Barrett is not conservative.

  • South Africa farm arson committed against Boers.

  • Armenia (Azer, Turk, Israeli??) under attack. Russia and the US want peace…?

  • NFAC covered by CNN, oh gosh.

  • CNN says Black women are the backbone of the Democrat Party.

  • Ridiculous people in TheSkimm celebrate early voting and vote-by-mail, amid the Covid excuse / scare.

  • Drama between blacks and cops / America: Waukegan, IL, where there were riots and looting in June, with the passing of Marcellis Stinnette, in a suspicious car with his girlfriend driving.

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Steven from California calls out 50 Cent for rescinding his support for Trump.

Spartak from California is thankful James brought up the Armenian situation.

Art from Ohio says he’s from the tribe of Judah! He calls out 50 Cent and Megan Thee Stallion (sp)

Joe from Phoenix, AZ cannot admit to certain basic, well-documented facts about interracial crime!

BGTG from Los Angeles, CA responds to Joe, and they go at it.

DarksideoftheBear from South Dakota says threatening letters have gone to Trump supporters!

Reggie from Baton Rouge, LA calls at the very end with criticism on how James talks.

  • 0:00 Stream start

  • 4:49 Sooo…

  • 13:11 South Africa

  • 21:30 Armenia

  • 32:03 Steven in CA

  • 43:01 T-shirts, fake identity

  • 47:38 Spartak in CA (audio issues)

  • 53:56 Art in OH

  • 1:07:19 Break!

  • 1:13:12 NFAC

  • 1:20:01 Joe in Phoenix

  • 1:33:26 BGTG vs. Joe

  • 1:40:50 News: Phony causes!

  • 1:55:18 DarksideoftheBear

  • 1:58:22 Reggie in Baton Rouge, LA

  • 2:02:51 Thanks, all!


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Also see Hake News from JLP's show today.

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