Andrew Tate Case Update as of January 27, 2023: An Attorney’s Perspective

The Combative Nerds Podcast

Jan 31 2023 • 44 mins

Viewer discretion is advised.  Full length episode with Knot & Raiderlance.  Recorded on January 27, 2023.

We provide you an update on the Andrew Tate Case since our last episode recorded on January 13th.   Make sure to check out this podcast on Youtube where we will post links to all the articles or videos Raider cites during the conversation.


  • Jasmine a named victim in the Andrew Tate case speaks out on Twitter.

  • com Article On Andrew Tate Messages from Jail

  • The Tate Brother Entering & Exiting the DIICOT building on January 25th

  • The Tate Brother’s Attorney giving a statement regarding the process of forensic extraction of data from the Tates phones.

  • com Article where Judge explains extending the detention of Andrew Tate

  • Andrew Tate Fans BANNED Play Theme Song Outside Jail

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00:00 – Intro

04:08 – Recap of the History of the Andrew Tate Arrest Leading up to January 14th, 2022.

05:11 – Jasmine a Named Victim in the Andrew Tate Case Speaks Out on Twitter.

12:37 – Andrew Tate Messages from Jail Covered in An Article from

14:29 – Audio Clip of Tristian & Andrew Tate Arriving & Leaving the DIICOT Building

16:51 – Andrew Tate’s Demeanor at the DIICOT Is Different Than His Usual Bravado

22:01 – Andrew Tate’s Attorney Statement Regarding the Process of Forensic Extraction of Data

27:37 – Let’s Explore the Argument That Andrew Tate’s Web Cam Girls Were Not Free to Leave

29:49 – Updates Post Recording: Judge’s Rationale for Extending Detention & Police Checkpoints Around the Jail Housing the Tates

33:14 – Possible Known Evidence vs. Evidence Admitted into the Court Case File or Record

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